> Can you check the result of `rb-site manage /var/www/html/rb/ get-siteconfig 
> -- --key=site_media_url` ?
> My guess is that it will say "/rb/htdocs/media/"
> If so, run this:
> `rb-site manage /var/www/html/rb/ set-siteconfig -- --key=site_media_url 
> --value="/media/"
> And it should fix the links.

Your guess was correct:

$ rb-site manage /var/www/html/rb/ get-siteconfig -- --key=site_media_url
$ rb-site manage /var/www/html/rb/ set-siteconfig -- --key=site_media_url 
Setting 'site_media_url' to /media/
$ rb-site manage /var/www/html/rb/ get-siteconfig -- --key=site_media_url

After I made the change I initially still had the problem, but after restarting 
Apache it’s working fine.  Thanks so much for your help.


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