I am using ReviewBoard 2.0.12

I posted a code review using with 'rbt post', making changes to multiple 
Subsequently, I updated two of the files and posted a second revision with 
'rbt post -r 33'.

The CR now has 3 versions of each file: orig---1---2

Selecting orig---1 shows the correct version 1 diff.
Selecting orig---2 shows the correct version 2 diff.

But 1---2 only shows changes to one of the two files I changed. For the 
other file, it says that only whitespace changes were made. Manually 
showing more lines to reveal the file shows that both sides have the 
correct (different) versions of the file, but there is no highlighting.

What information can I provide to diagnose this issue?

Jonathan Anderson
Quosal LLC

As you can see, the file below says the diff only contains whitespace 
changes, but at line 100, the files diverge.



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