I've ended up in a sorry situation.

I don't know how I really got into this.
I found lots of this in my /var/log/apache2/error.log
[Sun Mar 08 06:25:22 2015] [error] ERROR:root:Could not load siteconfig: 
relation "django_site" does not exist
[Sun Mar 08 06:25:22 2015] [error] LINE 1: ..."django_site"."domain", 
"django_site"."name" FROM "django_si...

So I thought I'd 

$ rb-site manage syndb

That seemed to make the site run again, but it's empty.

I haven't been making backups by

$ rb-site manage dumpdb > json-file

I've got a single pg_dump in an SQL file from a day or so before the 

If I restore using psql I end up with a DB with 0 reviews, no users, 
basically en empty site.

What can I do after the psql invoke to get the site working again, if at 

I've got an immense amount of history, repos, user accounts lost.

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