Hi Every one,

I would to like bring my few of doubts to this group. Please help me on 

1) I need to get all the review comments in one shot and print it on the 
console or a file. Please provide me sample snippet for this. 

   I tried to use this below API, But I couldn't get any details. 
I tried get function to get the details, But I didn't get any details.
I think there is some other way to get those review comments. 

    If one one is having sample snippet , plz provide me the same.

2)  From the link 
   this is also used to get the comments.
   Even I thought of using this, but this API requires to arguments, But I 
have only request request id what is the other argument review-id ?

Please provide me code snippet for this as well on how to use this and get 
the diff comments.

sample snippet which I am using :

        url1 = '/api/review-requests/19/reviews/19/diff-comments/'      
<<<<< Here I have used review id and review request id same, But I don't 
know why 2 args.
        datareviews1 = rb_server.api_get( url1 )

        print datareviews1

I got some data, but doesn't have review comments. 

Thanks for helping me in advance!!!


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