On Wed, 2015-03-18 at 14:33 -0700, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hi Justin,
> We support this, but generally only when you're using something like 
> Git (or Git-SVN). Since Subversion has no native concept of 
> individual uncommitted changes, we're limited in what we can do 
> there.
> If you use Git-SVN, you can have a commit with one set of those 
> changes, and another commit with another set, and can then post each 
> commit separately.
> Technically, if you can generate two patches (one for the first set 
> and one for the second), then you can use our API to post the second 
> patch for review, specifying the first patch as the parent diff. We 
> don't have any support for doing this in rbt post though. (Though, 
> I'd accept a patch adding a --parent-diff-filename= to do that.)

I don't know if it's accidental, but 'rbt post <commit_id>' actually 
works for this case. I use it all the time.

If I have three commits in my branch from upstream/master, I can look 
at 'git log' and then do
rbt post <commit_1>
rbt post <commit_2>
rbt post <commit_3>

And they all seem to do the right thing. It's been quite handy :)

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