Hi ReviewBoard Devs,

Using ReviewBoard 1.7.28.

When adding/changing an HTTP hosted Git repository (using Gitolite), I've
found that I have to configure the repository with the following pattern:

Path: http://username:passw...@gitserver.example.com/git/git-repo-path

Mirror path: http://gitserver.example.com/git/git-repo-path

Raw file URL mask:

Username: username

Password: password

Obviously, where username & password are set to the correct values.

It seems like a bug to me that I must specify the username and password in
the URL. I've tried removing them, but then ReviewBoard refuses to add /
save the repository. When the "Path" is configured with the user name and
password, rbt post doesn't find the "repository" unless I also set the
Mirror path, or unless REPOSITORY is set to the name of the ReviewBoard
repository in .reviewboardrc

Is there any way to get the username & password out of the Path URL?



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