So I wasn't using RBTools but I figured I'd try it first to see a working 
solution with rbt rather than using the web interface.

After installing and invoking `rbt`, the first commit of ten (10) created 
my first review for me. As soon as I try performing an `rbt posh 
<full_commit_index>` on the second or greater commits they fail. The 
specific error for my case was:

$ rbt post 2c6346ea50d25a974f4819a372f252d34d35d0da
> ERROR: Error validating diff
>> <my_file>: The file was not found in the repository.
I assume this is a valid error message since the file is created in the 
first commit and ReviewBoard cannot interpret the parent state of the newer 
commit(s). After looking at the documentation, I don't see a way to provide 
a list of local parent commits which ReviewBoard can interpret the chain of 
changes. I assume the only work around I can do is actually push up the 
changes on the remote on a branch (something I wanted to avoid) and 
reference the branch in rbt's `--parent` parameter when generating a review 
for each pending commit.

On Thursday, April 16, 2015 at 2:37:30 PM UTC-4, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
> On Thu, 2015-04-16 at 09:07 -0700, James Knight wrote:
> I have the following scenario, I have a remote Git repository (powered by 
> GitLab) configured and working as expected with ReviewBoard (2.0.15). In my 
> local repository (cloned), I have a series of ten (10) commits I'm about to 
> push to the origin. Before I do this, I generate a (full indexed; unified) 
> patch for the respective commits and I want to put them into ReviewBoard. 
> Uploading the patches, I proceed as follows:
>    1. Make a new review. Select the first patch and upload to 
>    ReviewBoard. The review is created.
>    2. Make a second review. Select the second patch and attempt to upload 
>    to ReviewBoard. ReviewBoard complains the parent hash doesn't exist. I 
> then 
>    upload my second patch with my first patch as a parent diff. The review is 
>    created.
>    3. Attempt to make a third review. Select the third patch to upload 
>    but find no way to upload since I cannot complete the parent chain of 
>    diffs. Full stop.
> The exact error message is as follows:
> The file "<file>" (revision <hash>) was not found in the repository
> Is there a way I can append multiple parent diff's for a review? My 
> attempts were to merge append patch 1 and 2 together, with no luck. Or, 
> am I attempting to use ReviewBoard in an incorrect way?
> The only work around I see is waiting until I commit the new patches into 
> the remote repository before adding the other patches, for example:
>    1. Add patches 1 and 2 to respective reviews.
>    2. Reviews approved and patches committed.
>    3. Add patches 3 and 4 to respective reviews.
>    4. Reviews approved and patches committed.
>    5. ~keep repeating until final patch is committed~
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Try doing this:
> rbt post <commit_id>
> One at a time, from the oldest to the newest. Use *exactly* the commit ID 
> as shown by 'git log'.

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