This is a problem of my own creation, but hopefully someone can help me 
out.  I'm essentially wrapping the functionality provided by the rbt suite 
of commands with an in-house script.  What I'm doing is processing the 
input args, performing specific tasks that we need, and then eventually 
passing the rest on via run_from_argv().

For example, to create new review,  the code distills down to this:

from rbtools.commands import post
p = post.Post()

This works fine, except that the logging messages from Post are now being 
printed to the console:

$ myrbt post 821
.INFO:root:Generating diff for pending changeset 821
Generating diff for pending changeset 821
Review request #9 posted.

I am hopelessly lost when it comes to using python logging, but I know 
that  rbt suppress these message and I can't figure out how.  Can someone 
nudge me in the right direction?



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