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>  Hi all,
> I’m trying to do a clean install of Review Board 2.0.15 and the latest
> Power Pack (including all necessary graphics libraries to display PDF
> thumbnails) on a Red Hat 6 box, and having trouble finding the appropriate
> packages.
> Is there a Review Board 2.0.15 in EPEL6 for Red Hat? I checked both
> mainline and testing and I didn’t see one in either place.
> I see that there’s a Review Board 2.0.15 in EPEL7… is there a dependency
> on Red Hat 7?

At this point, I have not built Review Board 2.0 for RHEL 6. It's
non-trivial because many of the dependencies that Review Board needs are
not available on that platform. I strongly encourage you to use RHEL 7 (or
https://www.reviewboard.org/store/products/docker-reviewboard/  or
easy_install) if you must run on RHEL 6.

It's on my to-do list to put together a RHEL 6-compatible COPR (sort of
like a PPA) for Review Board 2.x, but my time has been woefully limited the
last couple months.

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