Our current setup involves a number of SVN/git repositories, where only a 
sub-group of users have access to each repos, and no single shared login 
has access to all of them. This means that for each new repos, we currently 
have to pick an arbitrary user who happens to have access and ask him to 
come type in his password in the "Change repository" admin panel...(which 
isn't always possible since we have remote users - for those we'd give them 
temporary admin acess so they can log into the admin panel themselves) and 
if for whatever reason that user leaves the company (or is taken off the 
project and no longer has access to that repo), the setup will break for 
everyone else.

Is there no way, when setting up the repository in reviewboard, to have it 
use the currently-logged-in user's credentials to access the repos (and 
display diffs, etc) instead of having to enter a single login/password for 
the repos as part of the admin configuration?


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