As the error message says, you need to install GNU diff and ensure that it 
is in your system path.  While the setup-repo command does not explicitly 
need the diff executable, other rbt commands, notably diff and post, do.  
The failure is arising due to common error checking utilized by all rbt 
commands which is attempting to verify the presence of the diff executable.


On Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at 12:04:10 AM UTC-4, Jam wrote:
> It seems something wrong when i run "rbt setup-repo" in the svn source 
> directory, how to solve it ? 
> *H:\test>rbt setup-repo*
> *ERROR: Could not load SCM Client "git": [Error 2]*
> *GNU diff is required in order to generate diffs. Make sure it is 
> installed*
> *and in the path.*
> *On Windows, you can install this from:*
> * 
> <>*

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