I can't say I'm a happy user yet since I haven't yet figured out how to 
make a simple alias to do the few things I want (we use post-commit review 
in feature branches) on the command line (read: Vim):

1) Starting from a feature branch for which I've posted review requests, 
get the full list of comments and unresolved issues, as text from standard 
2) Starting from just a branch as above and providing a file name, get the 
full list of comments and unresolved issues for that file, as text from 
standard out.

Assume for the moment that this isn't an unhelpful deluge of information in 
my use case. This would go 95% of the way towards making me a very happy 
user by allowing me to set it up so that I can quickly bring up other 
people's relevant comments while editing in Vim.

My dream features, that would take me to 110% satisfaction:

3) Get the output from (2) in the format of the original text file with the 
comments interspersed in the correct locations, delineated using something 
like Git merge markers. This would let me open the file and deal with the 
comments one by one, while seeing them in the right place -- again, in my 
chosen editor, without opening a browser window, and without looking up 
manually in which review id the comments reside, etc. For long comment 
chains I could figure out folding, but this doesn't really happen to me. I 
could implement this myself if I can get the comments and issues along with 
the tagged line numbers.
4) It would be great to close issues individually, from Vim (or, again, 
whatever editor), as I fix them. If the ouput from (3) included an 
identifier for each issue, and if the API allowed one to close issues, this 
could easily become a single keypress while editing, rather than a trip to 
a new program.

And of course ideally:

5) A proper Vim plugin to prevent me ever opening a browser window for 
Review Board. For this one, you're mostly off the hook of course; it's only 
your responsibility to make sure the API doesn't get in the way of a 
powerful plugin. That said, there aren't any maintained Vim plugins for RB, 
so I'm not sure that it is easy.

I would love to figure this stuff out and try to offer you our 
endorsement/logo! Thanks for listening, and sorry if I have missed obvious 
solutions to the above...

James Blau
P.S. I don't speak for the whole company, the others I think are happy to 
use the web interface for all of this.

On Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 8:30:24 PM UTC-4, Christian Hammond 
Hi everyone,

Every so often, I like to poll the list and get a sense of who's using 
Review Board and how it's working out for you. It's been a while since I've 
last done this (I try not to make it a frequent thing).

We have a Happy Users page (https://www.reviewboard.org/users/) where we 
list companies who are both happy with their experience with Review Board 
and are willing to let us list them publicly.

This time around, we're hoping to get permission to show off some company 
logos, which may appear on the front page ofreviewboard.org. We'll be 
unveiling a whole new site design soon that will include some of these 
prominently, linking back to your company's site.


1) How's Review Board working out for you?

2) Can we list you on the site? If not, we'd still like to hear from you!

3) If we can list you, we'd love to include your logo. Who in your 
organization can we talk to about this?

Feel free to reply privately or publicly! And thanks!


Christian Hammond -chri...@beanbaginc.com
Review Board -https://www.reviewboard.org
Beanbag, Inc. -https://www.beanbaginc.com

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