Some more info here as well.

If I generated a diff in /trunk/path and the patch file then ends up with 
../../trunk/path/ in it, reviewboard is not liking the ../../ and 
I always get an error that says "../../trunk/path/ was not found 
in the repository", so it seems that it's not interpreting the ../../ 

On Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 9:22:17 AM UTC-4, Papaswede wrote:
> I recently upgraded our instance of ReviewBoard from 1.6.11 to 2.0.15. 
> Quite a few people have been reporting issues with uploading diffs that 
> contain ./ as the beginning of the file path and also using ./ as the base 
> directory. They just get an "Unknown Error" on the patch upload screen. For 
> example, if the patch file has this
> --- ./path/to/
> +++ ./path/to/
> that won't work. I've had to ask them to do a find and replace in the file 
> and replace ./ with just / and use / as the basedir. So, the patch file 
> ends up looking like this:
> --- /path/to/
> +++ /path/to/
> Should ./ not work anymore? Also, I know that ideally, we should be using 
> the RBTools to upload files, but it hasn't been approved by our security 
> department as a tool we can have installed yet. So, in the meantime I'm 
> trying to make people's lives as simple as possible.
> Thanks!

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