Hi all,

I'm using ReviewBoard 2.0.17 and see unexpected behaviour in the diff 

Steps to reproduce:

1. Change a few files (I'm using SVN)
2. rbt post <changelist>
3. Publish review
4. Delete a group of lines from one of the files already changed.
5. rbt post -r <ID> <changelist>
6. Publish review
7. Review entire diff: http://reviewboard/r/9581/diff/2/ - Result: PASS
8. Review first interdiff: http://reviewboard/r/9581/diff/1/ - Result: PASS
9. Review second interdiff: http://reviewboard/r/9581/diff/1-2/ - Result: 

In the second interdiff, RB states that the file contains only whitespace 
changes, this is incorrect as lines have been deleted.

Expanding the entire file, the contain on the left and right diff panels is 
correct, I can see that the deleted lines have gone, however they're not 
highlighted in red as expected.

I don't think this is related to caching as the following steps had no 
effect, the second interdiff consistently shows the same result.

* systemctl restart memcached
* systemctl restart httpd
* View second interdiff with different browsers (Firefox and Chromium), 
both show same results, hence not a browser cache issue.

I'm running ReviewBoard on CentOS7 using EPEL packages.

Let me know if you need more information to help recreate or fix this bug.


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