I get the above error when I try to create a new review request with a diff 
file of size 946.3KB(969054 bytes)

This is under the limit of 1MB (1024 KB or 1048576 bytes) configuration I 
have updated in the admin of ReviewBoard.

However, I am able to create a new review request while creating one with a 
small patch.

Below are the logs from ReviewBoard,
2015-07-20 06:12:17,328 - DEBUG -  - DiffParser.parse: Beginning parse of 
diff, size = 969054
2015-07-20 06:12:17,775 - DEBUG -  - DiffParser.parse: Finished parsing 

Below are the configuration details,
1. Mysql max allowed packet size - 64 MB
2. RB diff viewer size - 1048576 (1MB)

Senthilkumar Arumugam

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