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On Thursday, August 13, 2015 at 9:31:57 AM UTC-4, Zach wrote:
> The Issue
> Relative links are generated from emails sent due to uploaded images on a 
> review.
> Environment
> *Reviewboard Version: *2.0.18
> *OS: *RHEL6
> *Python: *2.6
> To Reproduce:
> 1. Install reviewboard 2.0.18 (we use apache to serve it via 
> wsgidaemonprocess with 15 threads and 3 workers)
> 2. configure it with authentication (we use a custom sso backend) and with 
> an email server (we have send emails for review requests, send emails when 
> review request are closed, enable auto-submitted header, sender email 
> address, mail server, and port filled out, but nothing else)
> 3. sign up/log in as a normal user and make sure your account is set with 
> a valid email address
> 4. create a review request
>     a) uploading a diff (we used a perforce diff and a perforce repo, 
> along with a pending change number)
>     b) you will need to fill out summary and description (eg: the word 
> "test" in each)
>     c) add yourself as a reviewer (under "people")
>     d) click "publish"
> 5. attach an image
>     a) go to "update" on the review request and click "add file"
>     b) select an image (I chose a 9.13KB PNG file which I have attached)
>     c) select "open" and then accept the image without a caption
>     d) click "publish" without any further changes
>     e) you should have received at least 2 emails at this point
> 6. review the immage
>     a) on "review request changed (added files)" click "review"
>     b) select a block of the image and type the word "banned" in the dialog
>     c) save the comment and publish the review
>     d) see that the email which is generated contains a relative link to 
> the email
>        eg: <img class="modified-image" 
> src="/media/uploaded/files/2015/08/13/a23a56b2-7413-4579-b0f2-f9f290c7a492__BANHAMMER_2_3_132_123.png"
> width="132" height="123" alt="banned">
> Reference

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