Hi All,

My company has recently upgrade to Review Board 2.0.18. 

We had a number of extensions; one of which was an output box for the 
results of some of our automated machinery.

The extension was built with a review request fields hook and a 


The `BaseEditableField` had an extra data field on the review request with 
name of `extension_result_output`.

We used to do PUT requests to the review request resource API to update 
this extra data field. Unfortunately, this no longer works in Review Board 
2.0.18 with this specific extra data field (I'm guessing this might be due 
to the fact that there is some code interaction with the extension that 
might prevent this). 

A PUT request to the review request resource API can update any other extra 
data field (which we are not using in extensions) except 

Instead, `extension_result_ouptut` can get updated by the review request 
draft resource API, but this causes emails to get sent out on small 1 line 
updates to the output box. Additionally, the review request UI will get 
flooded with updates to the box itself. Is there any way to prevent this as 
it currently spams our users both by inbox and through the UI.

What is causing this discrepancy between why certain extra data fields can 
get updated through the review request resource and others not? We run a 
fairly high traffic Review Board instance. What is a recommended, immediate 
solution and maybe long term solution that we might be able to implement?


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