Hi Christian,

I switched into that directory and then tried both "chown root ." and 
"chown rjluo ." command, however it doesn't work. How can I know who is 
Apache's user?

And I found something maybe related to this issue in RB's offical website 

> if not os.access(logging_dir, os.W_OK):
> raise forms.ValidationError(
> _("This path is not writable by the web server."))

 in class LoggingSettingsForm, function clean_logging_directory

I open python shell and tried :

> import os
> os.accsss("/var/www/reviewboard.X11.com/logs/", os.W_OK)

and the return result is True.

So now i feel puzzled about this setting, how can I supposed to set this 
path correctly? Looking forward to you reply, thanks very much. 

在 2015年9月16日星期三 UTC+8下午3:56:15,rjluo写道:
> I followed the step Admin - SYSTEM INFORMATION - Log Profiling - Log 
> directory, and filled the path with "/var/www/reviewboard.X11.com/logs/" 
> , however when I clicked the "save" button, it failed with a prompt "This 
> path is not writable by the web server."
> Is there any suggestion for how to set the log path? Appreciated for your 
> reply, thanks

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