Hi There

I finally managed to install and get reviewboard running, 

Our team has about 9 developers who all use windows machines, we have a 
Subversion repository.

I helped everyone setting up "rbt" and currently our workflow (post-commit) 
works like this:

   - commit code to */trunk*
   - developer runs *rbt post REV_NUMBER -> creates review #*
   - review group receives mail and starts review
   - finds issues, and creates review
   - submitter receives mail and fixes code, commit to trunk
   - developer runs rbt post -r <review_id> REV_NUMBER
   - cycle continues...

This works awesome, except that I have run into two problems, but this may 
be a config issue, or something we are doing wrong.

   - When submitting via "rbt post", the "Change" field does not get 

   - this works when going through the web-front end: 

   -  when updating requests via "rbt post -r <review_id> REV_NUMBER", the 
   diff slider behaves very strange
      - for instance when sliding between ORIG, and subsequent updates, it 
      detects that in updates, origin files have been deleted.
      - ex:
         - commit 1 has file 1, 2 and 3
         - commit 2 updates file 2
      - the review slider between ORIG and 2 will be the update on file 2, 
      and it will show file 1 and 3 as deleted, this is very confusing to the 

Thanks for taking the time to help, I have read the manual a few times and 
googled a lot, but I can't seem to find the answer, any help would be 
appreciated :)

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