Hey everyone,

In case you're not on our announcements mailing list 
<https://www.reviewboard.org/mailing-lists/>, we released Review Board 2.5 
early this morning.

We've been working on 2.5 for a long time, focusing on improving the 
usability of the product, helping to increase productivity and removing 
hurdles for things like replacing and reviewing file attachments, making it 
easier to integrate with other services, and more.

We've added mobile support, improved navigation on review requests, added 
image diffs, revisioned file attachments, webhooks, Live HD Thumbnails, and 
that's just a few of the new additions you'll find in 2.5.

Check out our official announcement <http://bit.ly/1MUZPv2> for all the 
details, and for a video showing off what's new in this release.

We're hoping to get the word out, so if you're active on Twitter or 
Facebook and wouldn't mind sharing some information on the release, we'd 
appreciate it!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to and beta tested 2.5, and of course, 
to all of you for continuing to use Review Board :)


Christian Hammond - christ...@beanbaginc.com
Review Board - https://www.reviewboard.org
Beanbag, Inc. - https://www.beanbaginc.com

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