On Thu, Oct 29, 2015 at 9:03 PM, Sam <msamifa...@gmail.com> wrote:

> 1- What is the difference between -r and -u option, seems with both you
> can update the review?

With -u, rbt post will attempt to guess the right review request (and will
prompt you if there are no exact matches). It makes things slightly easier
since you don't have to look up the ID in the browser.

> 2- It seems for both you need to pass --summary --description? It seems
> that it can replace these in addition to updating the source code changes?
> Is that correct?

With many revision control systems (but not all), rbt post will guess the
summary and description from the commit message. It's true that you can
pass them in on the command-line, but you can also write them using the web

> 3- What if we want to append to the Summary or description?

This cannot currently be done from the command-line, but of course you can
always edit it in the web UI.

> 4- Also seems that Testing-done cannot be updated from command line?

Currently true.

> 5- What about comments, can these be updated from command line?

Not at the moment.

> 6- Can we get the attributes of the review from command line ( ie.
> reviewer lists, review status...)?

Not at the moment.


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