Rather than update the entire OS, I'd like to install python 2.7 on 
CentOS6. Now, so far as I am aware, there's no method for installing python 
over the system version without breaking at *least* yum. If not more. Maybe 
there's a way? But I don't know what it is.

So installing python 2.7 as, say, /usr/local/python27 is totally easy and I 
have no problem doing that. But what I can't find in the documentation is 
whether or not it's possible to change which python binaries/libraries 
reviewboard uses without completely recompiling and installing. And since 
we use easy_install, that seems like it would make it even more complicated.

Is there a known, working method for installing python2.7 side-by-side on a 
CentOS 6 machine, and getting an existing reviewboard installation to 
recognize it?

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