1) When using the repository clearcase with the path 
/view/testReviewBoardView in the Admin Dashboard for some reason Review 
Board is cutting off the forward slash for my filepath when uploading a 
diff file and trying to view the diff.

The error I received is below and the forward slash in front of vobs is 
Error: The file 
could not be found in the repository

A solution I found that would fix this issue is adding a forward slash at 
the end of the repository path /view/testReviewBoardView/, and this 
resolved the error and allowed me to view the diff.

This caused another issue when try to view a diff where a findmerge, a 
specifc feature of clearcase, is needed.

2) When attempting to view a diff file I receive an error in the apache log 

Error: DeprecationWarning: SCMTool.file_exists() must take keyword 
arguments, signature for ClearCase is deprecated

Checking if file 

This appears to be caused by there being a double slash in the file path 

Attached is the diff file that I was using to test.

Thanks in advance,


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findmerge indicator: /vobs/modules/stb_lightning/.@@/main/inv_stb_lightning_rel_100/2/source/main/inv_stb_lightning_rel_100/17/g_hopper/main/inv_stb_lightning_rel_100/1/source/main/inv_stb_lightning_rel_100/3/gcs_sling_api.c@@/main/inv_stb_lightning_rel_100/17
--- /vobs/modules/stb_lightning/.@@/main/inv_stb_lightning_rel_100/2/source/main/inv_stb_lightning_rel_100/17/g_hopper/main/inv_stb_lightning_rel_100/1/source/main/inv_stb_lightning_rel_100/3/gcs_sling_api.c@@/main/inv_stb_lightning_rel_100/16	2014-12-10 17:00:54.000000000 -0700
+++ /vobs/modules/stb_lightning/.@@/main/inv_stb_lightning_rel_100/2/source/main/inv_stb_lightning_rel_100/17/g_hopper/main/inv_stb_lightning_rel_100/1/source/main/inv_stb_lightning_rel_100/3/gcs_sling_api.c@@/main/inv_stb_lightning_rel_100/inv_stb_lightning_cr111504/1	2015-10-26 10:28:19.000000000 -0600
@@ -42,6 +42,7 @@
 //debug group
 #define MY_DEBUG_GROUP esosal_GCS_API_grp
+#define SECONDS_IN_ONE_HOUR      (3600)
 /********************************** MACROS **********************************/
 #define IPVOD_SERVER_NAME        ("Production")
@@ -68,6 +69,9 @@
    RC_RESULT_E                  rc_ret = RC_FAILURE;
    GET_STB_PROFILE_IN_S   x_profile_in = {};
    GET_STB_PROFILE_OUT_S x_profile_out = {0};
+   COMMON_HDR_XIP_S   x_common_xip_req = {};
+   RC_REQ_IP_S               x_host_ip = {0};
+   TIME_XIP_OUT_S          x_time_resp = {0};
    int                    snprintf_ret = -1;
    char  rxid[GCS_STB_RECEIVER_ID_LEN] = {'\0'};

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