Any update?

Previously, I upgraded from 1.7.27  to 2.0.20 without problem.



Wesly Chen於 2015年11月14日星期六 UTC-8下午2時30分40秒寫道:
> I used MySQL
> mysql-server-5.1.73-5.el6_6.x86_64
> rb-mysql-schema.sql  is the reviewboard schema
> ($ mysqldump -uroot -p --databases reviewboard --no-data --quick 
> --single-transaction > /tmp/rb-mysql-schema.sql)
> rb-mysql-django.sql  is these table dump,   django_evolution and 
> django_project_version
> ($ mysqldump -uroot -p reviewboard django_evolution django_project_version 
> --quick --single-transaction > /tmp/rb-mysql-django.sql)
> Christian Hammond於 2015年11月14日星期六 UTC-8下午2時13分28秒寫道:
>> Glad it's not the production one.
>> Can you tell me what type of database you're using, and can you get me 
>> both a dump of the database schema (no content, just the schema), and a 
>> second dump containing just the django_evolution and django_project_version 
>> table contents? With those, I can try reproducing the problem here, see 
>> what may have gone wrong.
>> Christian

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