Thank you for your response:
That is correct, I am referring to the emails going out when updating a 
change or posting review.

1- The person writing the draft should control the email notification but 
they can control it when it is only in draft mode at the present time. 
After it is published they cannot change it. i.e What If I dont want to 
send notification until all reviews done and send notification when it is 
in close state. So the writer/owner of the review record should be able to 
change that at any state, this checkbox should not be just for the draft 

2- Reviewers want to send their review and might want to turn off the 
notification. But this option does not exist for reviewers. What is the 
reason for not making this option available for everyone?

3- At anytime you make the change on the review record the option should be 
available to reviewers and owner of the record as if they want to send 
email notification or not. This way the team has control over sending the 
emails at any point. 

Please let me know if that is still not clear.

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