Hi everyone,

We just released Django Evolution 0.7.6, which fixes some issues when
upgrading databases on MySQL, and when upgrading from older schemas.

Fixes in this release:

* Fixed a false positive with schema errors when applying evolutions on

  When applying new evolutions along with baseline schemas for new models,
two version history entries are created, one for the new baselines, and one
for the new, final schema. On MySQL, this can happen so quickly that
they'll end up with the same timestamp (as there isn't a lot of precision
in these fields).

  Due to internal sort orders, the next evolution then finds the version
entry for the baseline schema, and not the final evolved schema, causing it
to fail saying that there are changes that couldn't be applied.

  This fixes this problem by improving the sorting order.

* Fixed issues evolving certain changes from old database schemas.

  Old database schemas didn't track certain information, like the
index_together information. The code was previously assuming the existence
of this information and failing if it wasn't there. Evolving from these
older schemas now works.

This release is available for direct download on
http://downloads.reviewboard.org/releases/django-evolution/0.7/, and is
available via PyPI. You can upgrade using:

    pip install -U django_evolution


    easy_install -U django_evolution

For those of you on Review Board that have hit database schema issues
recently after upgrading to Review Board 2.5, try upgrading to this release
and then try your database upgrade again.


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Review Board - https://www.reviewboard.org
Beanbag, Inc. - https://www.beanbaginc.com

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