When opening an existing message on the "Diff" page, the link "Reply" does 
not work as expected.

When clicked the "Reply" link, it does open the "Reviews" page but does not 
scroll to the correct message that one wants to reply to. However if I 
manually scroll to the correct message a message box is opened to type in 
the reply. 

When clicking the "View" button it does scroll to the correct message. 
There I can click the "Reply" button to open a message box to enter a 

The URLs generated by the 2 different links are (say review 6 and message 
Reply: http://myserver/r/6/?reply_id=3&reply_type=diff_comments
View: http://myserver/r/6/#comment3

I am assuming this is a bug because if I manually update the URL in my 
browser and add the #comment3 to the initial URL for Reply it takes me to 
the message and opens the message box.
thus: http://myserver/r/6/?reply_id=3&reply_type=diff_comments#comment3
(I am no HTML expert, this was just a guess)

I am using RB 2.5.2

Is this the correct place to post bug reports?


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