I am seeing an anomaly when I run 'rbt diff' with '--include'. I am using 
'--include' because I only want to include that file in the revision range.

The command I'm running is:

rbt diff --server=http://xx.x.xx.xxx --repository-url=http://repo/svn/ 
--include=/path/example/with/file.txt 5:12

The response/diff I get is correct, with the exception of the path:

Index: /path/example/with/file.txt/file.txt
--- /path/example/with/file.txt/file.txt (revision 5)
+++ /path/example/with/file.txt/file.txt (revision 12)

As you can see 'file.txt' is repeated twice.

Am I running 'rbt diff' correctly? Am I missing an option?


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