Hi all,

So I'm upgrading our ancient, unmaintained "who knows how this even worked" 
1.7.20 to 2.5.2. It's going well, but I have a couple of questions.

1) We have our own git server, running gitolite. I have read the docs but I 
found them a bit lightweight on the subject:
a) There's a crontab running every minute, doing a git fetch -q. Is this 
considered "normal" for a RB / git install?
b) In the repository settings, the Path is set to the local clone path, and 
the Mirror Path is set to gitoli...@git.server.name:reponame. Do we have to 
have a local clone? (I think the answer here is yes, from the docs, but 
just want to check...)
c) We have an SSH key configured in the RB settings.  I don't see the point 
of the SSH key, if a crontab is already updating the local git clone...
I ask because the server is occasionally slow to respond, but top and the 
logs show nothing interesting going on (that I've noticed). I'm wondering 
if doing a git fetch every minute is somehow making it hang, although I 
don't see git in top at that time either, so I'm kind of clutching at 
straws. I'm happy for any advice on how things *should* be configured, this 
is a good time to change the config.

2) I see that the config file contains a random secret that I assume was 
generated by rb-site install. I'd like to know if changing that will break 
anything. The reason behind it is that I want to Puppetize the server 
install, and I'd rather generate the config file with rb-site install, than 
store it in S3 and copy it into place. Any tips on this would be really 

The mobile CSS looks just great, by the way. :)

Please let me know if I haven't been clear above, happy to provide more 
information as necessary.

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