Hi John,

I too faced the same issue but found a way to do it. Basically you will 
have to figure out the javascript file where the change has to be done. In 
my case it was reviews.min.44ba9ef6d795.js.
You can look for a file in your filesystem like reviews.min with a 
numerical extenstion. 

Edit the file to reflect javascript change as only changing in 
ImageReviewableView.js will not help.

It's a brute dirty way so if you feel like doing it you can go ahead. I 
made this change and now I am able to view the screenshots.

Don't know if it can produce any regression but I believe not.


On Monday, January 4, 2016 at 5:29:48 PM UTC+5:30, John McGowan wrote:
> Jesus mate. Thanks for that. It could have waited though :)
> Happy New Year from Belfast!
> - John
> On Thursday, 5 November 2015 00:06:29 UTC, John McGowan wrote:
>> Hi Christian/all,
>> Has anyone else noticed clicking on an screenshot thumbnail on an 
>> existing review is not displaying the item. Working ok on a 1.6.16 to 
>> 2.0.20 but not when going up to
>> error_log has this when i click on it:
>> [Thu Nov 05 00:02:48 2015] [error] 
>> /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ReviewBoard-
>> DeprecationWarning: reviewboard.reviews.markdown_utils.markdown_escape is 
>> deprecated. Please use djblets.markdown.markdown_escape.
>> [Thu Nov 05 00:02:48 2015] [error]   DeprecationWarning)
>> - John

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