Thank you!

On Wednesday, March 2, 2016 at 6:34:56 PM UTC-6, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hi Keith,
> Thanks for reporting this! Power Pack was enabled, but we changed some 
> stuff in the licensing model and failed to update the demo server 
> accordingly. I've fixed it up now. Give it a try again and see if it works.

 Yep, works now. :-) This will definitely help us have our initial 
discussions.  If it seems viable, we can install the trial license and dig 

> PDF review is largely going to be what you remember, but we've put a lot 
> of work into an all-new PDF review UI with new capabilities (see the 
> attached screenshot). At some point, we'll deploy a beta to the demo server.

 It does feel pretty familiar.  The new navigation in the screenshot looks 
promising. :-)

Out of curiosity: the initial beta testing came with a perk of discounted 
pricing once released.  Would that still apply with the current Power Pack 
or has too much time passed?

Thanks, again!

  - Keith

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