I installed reviewboard using easy_install. I've version 2.5.3 in place. 
I've created a repository within reviewboard, it's a Mercurial repo, 
connected via ssh. My configuration is:

Name: testrepo3
Hosting service: none
Repository type: Mercurial
Path: ssh://wn@

ssh key is correctly set.

When I now add a file to the repo and create a review request related to 
the changeset containing that new file, everything is fine, the request is 
correctly created in reviewboard, I'm able to inspect the diff and publish 
the request.

As soon as I change a file I always get the error message 207. I tried 
different repos including brand new ones, an older and the most recent 
version of Mercurial, different machines (everything on Linux). It always 

I tracked it down to HgTool::get_file and HgClient::cat_file in hg.py in 
scmtools and there within to _run_hg. Here I wrote the command line handed 
over to the popen call into the debug log and found that the values for 
both hg command line parameters --repository and --cwd are set to the value 
of Path I set the in repository configuration, here 

According to my understanding of the hg command, --cwd should contain a 
local path and no ssh URL. (Or am I wrong here?)
And the error message I read from stderr after the popen call (hg.py, 
HgClient, cat_file, in the 'if path' statement after the _run_hg call) 

  abort: No such file or directory: 

How can this work with Mercurial and ssh at all? Is it anyone successfully 
using with a custom hosted Mercurial and ssh?

Wouldn't it make more sense to mark 'Mirror path' mandatory and use that 
path in the --cwd option?

Cheers, Wolfgang

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