> *More details*
> I did a test install of RB on a virtual machine and the window sizing 
> works as expected.  However, my production environment consists of having 
> the RB URL request mapped to the "/reviews" URL which is then proxied to 
> the actual RB VM:
>    - Apache Web Server "/reviews" -> proxy -> Reviewboard VM ==> 
>    Everything works other than window sizing
>    - Apache Web Server w/ Reviewboard at "/" ==> Works
> I have configured SITE_ROOT in conf/settings_local.py to "/reviews/".  I 
> don't see any denied resource requests when viewing the network requests, 
> so it seems to be an issue with JavaScript somewhere getting surprised by 
> the root directory change and/or an issue with the proxy configuration.
> I'm setting up a VM with the RB set to /reviews directly to see if the 
> issue is in the proxy or in non-root URL's with RB.

I have confirmed that the sizing issue appears to be a result of the Apache 
Proxy (most likely a quirk of ProxyHTMLURLMap not rewriting a URL 
correctly).  I'm trying to dig through the HTML and JS files to see where 
the issue lurks.


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