I have created a WebAPIResource extension based upon the instructions in 
which is called based upon the user clicking on a menu item which was 
created by ReviewRequestDropdownActionHook.

How do I actually do the POST call?

I tried just the usual jQuery $.post(...), but 
djblets/webapi/resources.base.py tries to get the "model" and 
"uri_object_keys" and fails since they are not part of the post data.  It 
looks like I need to create a view and model by deriving from 
Backbone.View.extend Backbone.Model.extend, but I haven't found any concise 
examples that I can understand well enough to use as a template.

My use case:

   1. Based upon a UI event, post to the WebAPIResource
   2. In the WebAPIResource.create method:
      1. Lookup current review, post a comment based upon the approval 
      request (similar to a ship-it comment)
      2. Log vote into a new database model
      3. Query the existing votes and if everything looks good, trigger a 
      merge of the change or rejection email

Note that I'm not a Javascript or web programmer since my background is C++ 
and Python, so I'm sorry if my question is elementary.


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