I'm getting ready to roll out the latest ReviewBoard for my company. 
Upgrade went smoothly. Looks like you've even fully integrated a patch I 
submitted a while back (thanks for that!)

While I was at it, I figured I should turn on indexing for the first time.

After doing a:

rb-site manage ${path_to_instance} -- rebuild_index

After switching to view "all requests", I start typing in the search box, 
and it doesn't match against some of the items I can see on my first page 
of all available requests.

In particular, I'm interested in searching for bug numbers. Sometimes my 
users put these in the summary of a review request, and some times they put 
it in the Bugs field. Whether or not a bug number is listed in the Bugs 
field appears to have no affect on whether it gets properly indexed for 

What's going on? Any tips for troubleshooting?


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