reviewboard 2.5.5
OS: OpenSuse13.1
django-evolution: 0.7.6
python 2.7.6
PostgreSQL 9.2.14

when i create new review request on a review group, or to person, email 
message not sent, ERROR in log:

 - Error sending e-mail notification with subject 'Review Request 12: 
NFO.RNB.TEST12' on behalf of 'А***** Н****** <a*****@*******.ru>' to 'А**** 
С**** <a*****@*******.ru>,Р***** М****** <r*****@*******.ru>,А***** К***** 
<a*****@*******.ru>,Ал*** З**** <az***@*******.ru>,И**** Б***** 
<i***ova@*******.ru>,А**** Н*** <an*****@*******.ru>'
Traceback (most recent call last):
 line 691, in send_review_mail
 line 276, in send
    return self.get_connection(fail_silently).send_messages([self])
 line 94, in send_messages
    sent = self._send(message)
 line 110, in _send
    self.connection.sendmail(from_email, recipients, message.as_bytes())
  File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/", line 746, in sendmail
    raise SMTPDataError(code, resp)
SMTPDataError: (550, '5.7.1 Missing purported responsible address')

But when i send test message in "Email TLS Authentication" with "Send a test 
e-mail after saving", message arrives.

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