I am able to run below mentioned command.
If I try to use the encrypted password that is generated using above 
command - getting *"'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0x8f in position 3: 
ordinal not in range(128)"*

Your help is appreciated.

On Friday, 1 July 2016 13:25:55 UTC-7, kamalakar vadla wrote:
> Hi 
> I am trying to adding gitlab Repository in Review board without any luck. 
> Getting "IV must be 16 bytes long" error.
> 1. In HOSTING SERVICE ACCOUNT -  I have added by gitlab user with Data 
> value as below
>      {"private_token": "<my personal private key got it from gitlab> "}
> 2. Now trying to add Repository I keep on getting "IV must be 16 bytes 
> long" error. 
> From thread 
> <https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/reviewboard/IV$20must$20be$2016$20bytes$20long/reviewboard/wr8lfR-m8rw/H07KpIPpCgAJ>
>  thread 
> I got  below command but  what is "*path/to/site" ?? *
> $ rb-site manage* /path/to/site* shell
> >>> from reviewboard.scmtools.crypto_utils import encrypt_password
> >>> print encrypt_password('<your token here>')
> Can anybody help me to get this?

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