You say you're using yum only, but Review Board was installed via
easy_install. You shouldn't ever mix yum and easy_install/pip. You either
want to exclusively use the Review Board RPMs, or use only easy_install/pip
for Review Board and its dependencies (and not RPMs).

This may be SELinux-related. You can temporarily turn it off to check, but
that's less secure. The RPMs, I believe, ship with rules that will enable
Review Board to work with SELinux turned on. Python builds do not.


Christian Hammond
President/CEO of Beanbag <>
Makers of Review Board <>

On Fri, Jul 22, 2016 at 1:15 AM, julien gdt <> wrote:

> News:
> I reboot the VM and now i got the "Manual server updates required"
> web-page for:
>    - Data directory changes
>    - Extensions static media directory changes
> I changed permissions, restart the web server and always got this page.
> Nothing noticeable on error_log access_log for httpd, nothing new
> on review board log

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