I have a Review Board installation hosted on Google Cloud and using 
SendGrid as its SMTP server. When I go to the Admin > E-Mail settings page, 
click the checkbox labelled "Send a test email after saving" and click 
Save, I receive a test email.

However, this is the only email I ever receive from RB. Today I upgraded to which is working fine but I'm still not receiving emails.

On looking through this forum, for a lot of people who have encountered 
this problem it's turned out to be because of a restrictive mail server 
(which is a good thing). However, not only do I not have a problem with the 
test email but /var/log/reviewboard/reviewboard.log makes no mention of 
email being sent either successfully or unsuccessfully. So before I can 
diagnose why my emails aren't being sent I need to find out why email 
transactions aren't being logged (or if they're being logged somewhere else 
and I missed that bit).

RB was installed (and upgraded) using easy_install. Is there a chance 
there's another Python module that I should've installed manually but 
missed in the instructions? 

My logging is set to Debug - does anyone know why my logs aren't showing 
email transactions? For example

root@reviewboard-2:/var/log/reviewboard# grep -i debug reviewboard.log | wc 

So it's definitely logging debug messages. But

root@reviewboard-2:/var/log/reviewboard# grep -i smtp reviewboard.log | wc 
root@reviewboard-2:/var/log/reviewboard# grep -i mail reviewboard.log | wc 

Just to clarify - all the "Send e-mails when " checkboxes are checked and 
all the registered users have valid email addresses. 

Any suggestions for things I can poke or tweak gratefully received.


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