Fixed now; the response to Steve Thompson's similar problem pointed me in 
the right direction, and we were able tp update our email server setting to 
get it working.  While I saw no errors in the log during my initial 
testing, I did see some when I looked again today -- I don't know if the 
initial review request wasn't generating the message, but trying to 
actually review the code was, or if my viewer just got stuck, or what.

On Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 1:37:02 PM UTC-7, Cathy Mullican wrote:
> RB on Ubuntu 14.04 on Azure.
> I save email settings with "Send a test email" checked, the test message 
> arrives quickly, as expected.
> All notification checkboxes are checked, but when I post a test review, 
> the reviewer does not receive a notification email. Nothing is getting 
> filtered -- the missing message is not in spam or clutter. I also did not 
> receive an email when a coworker created an account to help with testing.
> All users have a valid email address -- I've even done a test review with 
> "admin" as the reviewer, same recipient as the test email that works, but 
> no notification email. We've also tested using an internal mail server that 
> has no security settings or spam filtering enabled; still no message.
> Nothing in the RB log or in syslog.
> Any ideas?

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