On Aug 15, 2016, at 16:21, Christian Hammond <christ...@beanbaginc.com> wrote:

> The Review Board log files ($sitedir/logs) should include some information. 
> Failing that, the Apache error log.
> You may have to install the appropriate Python modules for Active Directory 
> again. (I wouldn't expect a crash, but there may be a regression.)

As usual, your advice was right on the money.  I checked the reviewboard.log 
file and there was a "ImportError: No module named ldap” error.  That was 
easily remedied on the CentOS 7 system with a "yum install python-ldap”.  
However, the login is still failing, this time with a "NameError: global name 
'filter_format' is not defined” error in the log file.  Any ideas what could be 
causing that?


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