More info on this.

I started from scratch once again : deleted MySQL database, remove all 
reviewboard sites and start the rb-site install process again.

My site now has one repository, 2 users (the admin and me), one group 
(myGroup) and one default reviewer (assigns a specific path to myGroup).

If i upload a patch file to the UI from my hard drive, with files 
corresponding to my default reviewer rule, everything is fine, the group is 

If i browse the commits from the "/reviewboard/r/new/" URL and create a new 
review request for the same commit as my patch, the default reviewer IS NOT 
assigned and i will see some utf-8 parsing error in the server log.

I did not have the problem on version

On a side note, since i downloaded version 2.5.7, i cannot install a 
previous revision on my system (the dashboard asks me to perform a rb-site 

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