We migrated Reviewboard from 2.0.11 to 3.0.3.
We have a git hook ,which didn't changed, that posts reviews using RBTools 
by running:
rbt post -p --repository-type git --server http://rb.local.com --repository 
ob-test *--username rb-automation-user* --password  
rb-automation-pass --tracking-branch git/master *--submit-as myusername* 
--guess-summary --guess-description --target-people myusername  --branch 
refs/heads/master 96ad0db93f07a32f8e53911bdbeed99a8ea67a36

Before the migration - we were getting review emails, where the emails 
senders were the users pushed the commit (the --submit-as parameter).
After the migration the sender of all mails is the one which authenticates 
to RB, in the --username parameter (rb-automation-user).

Can we somehow make the email sender to be the --submit-as user?


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