Hi All,

I am facing the below issue while running below command

input :

rbt post -d 6389924


the issue it pops is : rbtools.clients.errors.SCMError: Path 6303924 does 
not match a valid Perforce path.

My Findings:

1. It is not able to return state of the changelist and thereby making 
whole revisions variable NONE

File perforce.py

def _get_changelist_status(self, changelist):


        if changelist == self.REVISION_DEFAULT_CLN:

            return 'pending'


            change = self.p4.change(changelist)

            if len(change) == 1 and 'Status' in change[0]:

                return change[0]['Status']

        return None

2. return change[0]['Status'] in this line it is not able to find Status 
key inside the change object

output of line : change = self.p4.change(changelist) is 

{b'code': b'stat', b'Change': b'6303924', b'Date': b'2018/07/09 17:22:22', 
b'Client': b'dmange-cmd-vapi', ..., }

3. I guess while decoding it using marshal in below line, it is somehow not 
able to convert it to dictionary. 

line 283 : data = marshal.load(p.stdout)

Please let me know if anyone can help me resolving this issue, i changed 
marshal to json and pickle, an another form of decoder, but still i was not 
able to solve the issue. 

Thanks and Regards,

Darshan Mange

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