Hi everyone,

Been a while since our last ChangeLog. We're probably going to be doing
these semi-monthly as we work through the releases and testing that's on
our plate, and assisting paid support <https://www.reviewboard.org/support/>
customers who are dealing with their own backlogs. The plan is to get back
to a weekly format once things settle down.

Here's this month's ChangeLog
<https://blog.beanbaginc.com/2020/05/21/changelog-may-21-2020/>, covering:

   - Increases in Power Pack <https://www.reviewboard.org/powerpack/> and
   RBCommons <https://rbcommons.com/> trial lengths (from 1 month to 2)
   - Recent releases (RBTools
   <https://www.reviewboard.org/downloads/rbtools/>, kgb
   <https://github.com/beanbaginc/kgb/>, and babel-plugin-django-gettext
   - Review Board 3.0.18 release preparation
   - Review Board 4.0 and RBTools 2.0 beta status
   - Wrap-up of our semester with the CANOSP student program

Stay healthy, everyone.


Christian Hammond
President/CEO of Beanbag <https://www.beanbaginc.com/>
Makers of Review Board <https://www.reviewboard.org/>

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