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Review request for Ambari and Alejandro Fernandez.

Bugs: AMBARI-15866

Repository: ambari


curl -u admin:admin 
 -X PUT -H 'X-Requested-By: ambari' --data 
"href" : 
"Requests" :
{ "id" : 15, "status" : "Accepted" }


Notice the "regenerate_keytabs=all" piece in the URL returned by the Ambari 
server. If user pulls request status against that URL, he will get the 
following err.

curlit GET 
{ "status" : 400, "message" : "The properties [regenerate_keytabs] specified in 
the request or predicate are not supported for the resource type Cluster." }

The correct url should be 

This does not effect Ambari web UI as Ambari UI pulls status of all requests by 
/requests url, instead of using individual request URLs.



Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/46199/diff/


The issue is general, regardless whether the cluster is kerberized, as it's 
about how the href url is parsed.

kerberized a trunk cluster, patch the cluster with fix. 
1. submit REST API call to renew kerberos keytabs.
Verify the /requests URL returned is valid and can be used to pull request 
2. submit a custom action API (like the host check one).
Verify the existing href behavior is still correct.
3. Submit a rest api that does not need to return /requests url, like get stack 
details REST API
Veriy the existing href behavior is still correct.

On a non-kerberized trunk cluster, patch the cluster with fix, 
Repeat the 3 tests mentioned above.


Di Li

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