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Review request for Ambari, Oliver Szabo and Sumit Mohanty.

Bugs: AMBARI-16021

Repository: ambari


This patch resolves issue AMBARI-16021. 

The LoggingRequestHelper implementation class initially used a hard-coded 
credential to connect to the LogSearch service to perform logging query 
requests.  A recent patch, AMBARI-15884, has added support for configuring 
these credentials in the cluster's configuration, which is in line with similar 
services in Ambari clusters. 

This patch implements the following:

1. Updates the LogSearch integration code to obtain the LogSearch server's 
credential from the current cluster's configuration.  If, for some reason, that 
configuration is not available, the integration layer will attempt to obtain 
the credential from Ambari's CredentialStoreService.  
2. Adds new unit tests for the LoggingRequestHelperImpl class, that verify the 
basic behavior of the request methods in this class, including the new support 
for obtaining credentials from configuration.



Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/46507/diff/


1. Deployed a 1-node cluster with LogSearch enabled with my patch applied, and 
verified that the cluster deployed successfully, that no extraneous logs 
appeared in ambari-server.log or ambari-server.out, and also verified that the 
REST APIs are returning the expected information. 
2. Deployed a 1-node cluster without LogSearch enabled, with my patch applied, 
and verified that the cluster deployed successfully, and that no 
LogSearch-related logs appeared in ambari-server.log or ambari-server.out. 
3. Ran the "mvn clean test" suite in ambari-server, which passed completely:

Results :

Tests run: 4257, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 32


Robert Nettleton

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