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Review request for Ambari, Alexandr Antonenko and Oleg Nechiporenko.

Bugs: AMBARI-16737

Repository: ambari


Currently, when you edit alert names, on the Ambari dashboard, there is no 
validation and you can enter characters such as \, < etc.
You can aslo enter more than 255 characters, the UI shows no indication of 
error and accepts more than 255 characters. However, an exception is thrown on 
the server side because the database column only allows 255 characters. The UI 
should restrict this. The value in the UI gets reset to what it was before you 
added more than 255 characters since the update failed.
Added UI validation to the alert name field.
Also set the maxLength to 255 characters.


  ambari-web/app/messages.js 74f918d 
  ambari-web/app/styles/alerts.less 50246e6 
  ambari-web/app/templates/main/alerts/definition_details.hbs cda1193 
  ambari-web/app/utils/validator.js 2906749 
  ambari-web/app/views/main/alerts/definition_details_view.js 656021c 
  ambari-web/test/views/main/alerts/definition_details_view_test.js a98b66b 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/47599/diff/


Added new test case in definition_details_view_test.js
Also, tested manually.
Ran ambari-web mvn test without errors.


Sangeeta Ravindran

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