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Review request for Ambari, Alexandr Antonenko and Andrii Tkach.

Bugs: AMBARI-16941

Repository: ambari


1. Open Cluster Install Wizard and select Knox as the only service to install.
2. On step6 of the wizard (Assign Slaves and Clients), you cannot click on Next 
and proceed because of an error in the javascript code.
3. The javascript error is as follows:
4. TypeError: h.warnMessages is undefined
app.js (line 38401, col 49)
TypeError: h.warnMessages is undefined

...eturn this.get('hosts').some(function(h) { return h.warnMessages.length > 0; 


  ambari-web/app/controllers/wizard/step6_controller.js 6090f74 
  ambari-web/test/controllers/wizard/step6_test.js 56b9e96 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/47995/diff/


Manual test
Added testcases to test anyHostErrors and anyHostWarnings methods.
mvn test ran clean

 27862 tests complete (44 seconds)
  154 tests pending


Sangeeta Ravindran

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