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Review request for Ambari, Jonathan Hurley and Nate Cole.

Bugs: AMBARI-16954

Repository: ambari


# Deploy HDP- cluster with Ambari 2.2.2
# Upgrade Ambari to
# Register HDP- version and install the bits
# Modify configs for some of the service like HDFS, ZK, YARN
# Start EU

EU pre-check does *not* report below error for the three services whose config 
was modified in step 4
"The following service configurations have been updated and their Service 
Checks should be run again:"

Upon further investigation found that the pre-check does not work if a service 
check has never been run for a service at all AND reports success in such cases
In other words, the comparison between last config modification time and last 
service check time succeeds if service check never ran at all and the output of 
below query returns empty:
SELECT start_time FROM host_role_command where role = 'HDFS_SERVICE_CHECK' AND 
status = 'COMPLETED' ORDER BY start_time DESC;

In this case when I manually ran a service check for HDFS and retried EU, the 
pre-check caught the mismatch and reported error

*Note*: I believe we do run service check as part of cluster install, but looks 
like it does not get updated in the DB tables for all services.



Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/48041/diff/


mvn clean test


Dmitro Lisnichenko

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